If you’re looking for a new home, or to update your existing home, choosing the right builder is a very important decision.  With hundreds of thousands of dollars on the line you need to select a builder you trust.  Our reputation for being honest and trustworthy is what most clients look for. 

There are many benefits of a new home.  Energy efficiency is usually at the top of the list.  All of our homes have the energy efficiency tested and proven by the Minnesota Green Path Program is just one of the many benefits to owning a new home.  All of our homes come with a warranty. 
Consistency and usefulness of a good home design will make living in your new home more enjoyable.  We marry the practical layout our homes with the natural beauty of each home site.  We have a very straight forward process for building your new home that all of our clients appreciate.  We offer full design / build services.  We have a team of professional architects, home designers, realtors, interior designers and construction loan and mortgage providers as support for all your new home needs. 

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